Largest domestic cat in the world

Yes, yes, this is the largest domestic cat in the world. Adult cats are often weight more than 10 kilograms. Exclusive feature of these cats – brushes, protruding from the ears, and tiger gait. From a distance he saw might think that this RY …

Maine coon very hardy, active, good with children, has a very good character. The semi-long-haired cat’s coat is very easy to maintain, they easily learn a variety of tricks.

In addition, their very pleasant timbre of the voice, but you will not find any of the Maine Coon, crying like voice. One of the most important things you need for a Maine Coon, – have a lot of space walks.

Maine Coon – the perfect cat for you and your loved ones

These cats – ideal pets for those who like long-haired dogs animals but do not have time to comb them every day. They are good companions, perfectly agree with the other animals, are very fond of playing with the dogs chase and hide and seek. Believe me – these games neatsibostų monitor all day.

While it is severe enough, the Maine coon very carefully running, not use the stuff, not folded vases or precious family mementos. Thus, the list of potential losses is very low compared to other cats.

Great Hunter

Maine Coon – excellent hunters can track hours through the window of birds. With a cat you will never have trouble on the inside įskrendančių flies, mosquitoes or other insects (about mice Needless to say).

These cats are highly intelligent, never encroached on your other pets (such as hamsters, gerbils, parrots), especially if you grew up with them. Aquarium fishes Maine Coon interesting as a television program – every evening to watch the endless “series” of water inhabitants.



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