What special Maine coon?

Maine coons are grand and playful cats.

Maine coons are affectionate to their owners a distinction between family members.

Many Maine Coon fascinated by water and even drink water from a running tap, but that does not mean that they love baths procedures

Likes to sleep in the most unusual places such as: on an open notebook

Maine Coon cats are very curious in need and want to know everything from the time the pot is boiling, and where they go neighbor’s cat.

Even what is special maine coon cats is their voice – which is a gentle and quiet despite their size. Raccoons just like to talk to their owners.

This is a cat that is more like a dog than a normal cat.

Maine Coon cats are:

very smart
loyal to their ownersplayful


not demanding


faithful to their If you are looking for a dog and do not want to walk our, choose the Maine Coon :)

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